Central Museum of the Textile Industry

The Central Museum of Textile Industry is the oldest and the biggest museum in this part of Europe, which collects items linked with the textile manufacturing process, starting with raw materials, through products (textiles produced industrially and executed with the use of artistic techniques) to garments. The seat of the Museum is the so-called “White Factory”, one of the most beautiful examples of the classicist industrial architecture. The mill itself was build by Ludwik Geyer in the years 1835-1839 and was the first “multi-departmental mill” in Poland with the first mechanical spinning room, weaving room and printing workshop for cotton fabrics. The first steam machine in Poland was placed here. Since 1972 the Central Museum of Textiles has been the co-organiser, and since 1982 the sole organiser of the International Triennial of Tapestry.

The scientific, collection, and promotional interests of the museum concentrate around everything related to textile manufacturing process – from materials and textile techniques and technologies through to textiles products representing various degrees of processing. Collections are gathered, scientifically elaborated, conserved and, in various forms, displayed by the specialized thematic departments of the museum.

Since 1972 the museum has cooperated in organising the International Triennial of Tapestry, which it has been the sole host of since 1982. Presently, it is the oldest and biggest world international exhibition-competition promoting contemporary “fibre art”. The museum is also the sole organizer and exhibitor of several national events – the National Exhibition of the Polish Tapestry (since 2004), the National Exhibition of the Polish Miniature Textiles (since 1998), and the National Exhibition of the Polish Cross-Stitch Embroidery of Amateur Artists (since 2000). Each of these is visited by several dozen thousand people.

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