Arena Laser Games

This laser game center, located in Lodz Manufaktura, offering a game of laser paintball. This is an excellent alternative to the standard paintball. The invisible laser beam emitted by the guns is 100{c7ececb5e51a13380c31f9e880f48eb764de11c7ed5e86049eae131c30f8fe41} safe for your health. The game at the Arena is also great fun exercise, which count wit, intelligence and analysis of the ever-changing situation. Participants equipped with a laser gun and a special vest compete individually or collectively for the title lidera.Rozgrywka takes place in a specially adapted room – Laser maze, occupying an area of ​​about 250 m2., In which there are tires, wooden crates, metal barrels, UV lamps, fluorescent graffiti. The decor throughout, combined with professional sound, light effects, fog generator creates an unforgettable atmosphere. This attraction is recommended to everyone, regardless of age or gender because Arena Laser Games is ideal for organizing various events. In our offer events
Children’s birthday, stag and hen parties and corporate events. We also invite individual players for whom we have prepared a number of different promotions.

What is?
This is a fun, challenging physical and mental activity, supported by the laser guns and vests equipped with a wireless control (WiFi). The game takes place on a specially created arena in the form of a maze, hidden in a mysterious twilight, soaked in a specially produced, dense fog. The atmosphere of the uncanny enhance additional special effects, lighting and music. Each player wears a special waistcoat, equipped with sensors that respond to the shot – the laser beam. Moving through the maze full of surprises and pitfalls player, equipped with an electronic armor and laser gun, can act alone or in a team. The purpose of his mission is to get the maximum number of points.

What are the scenarios of games to choose from?
The kind of game the players themselves decide it to match your preferences and level of sophistication. Team Play (a game without limit and live ammunition) – participants are divided into two teams, each team recognizes their players due to the color of the lights on the jackets and rifles. Players score points by hitting the customs opponents, and for shooting down someone from their team points are scored negative. Scoring the team decides about winning. A variant of the game is proposed for 4 or more people. Each game at every (Solo – playing no-limit live and ammunition) – is the simplest version of the proposed beginners. Each player is fighting on their own account, another participant of the game is the enemy. Players score points by hitting the customs opponents. Scoring the player decides about winning. A variant of the game is proposed with a smaller number of participants. Deathmatch (limit game live and ammunition) – playing virtually as in the scenario above. The difference is that each player has a certain number of live ammunition and, after their loss ends the game. The winner is the one who will remain at the Arena longest and most points. A limited amount of live ammunition and provides extra adrenaline. Limits have been carefully selected to provide the players as long as possible the game. The scenario proposed for advanced players. Regardless of the scenario, the computer counts all the shots, and the final result, each player receives individual print the card game, for which there is detailed information about the course of the fighting, scores, number of hits, bonuses, etc .. This allows you to improve your strategy during the next game.

Who is Arena Laser Games?
Laser Games is an exciting game for all ages (minimum increase participant – 120 cm). Just desire to experience an extraordinary adventure. In this game it counts mainly intelligence, cunning, reflexes and ability to analyze the ever-changing situation. For individuals, families, groups of friends – with us you can
get rid of bad energy, boredom and overcome stress, to experience extreme adventure, discover a new passion! Just let the bear to his own imagination and experience the pleasure of playing laser!
For schools – a unique lesson WF, develop physical fitness and coordination! A great opportunity to integrate class during unconventional hours of educational!
For companies – motivate their employees, dynamic team in special moments for him! Opportunity to strengthen the clout the business by strengthening cooperation and team unity!

See our offer for companies in the EVENTS tab.

Why try?
It’s an opportunity to know their strong and weak traits. It is also possible to better understand their colleagues or co-workers. This game unites the group, thanks to her reveal leaders. Arena will also break away from everyday problems, find relaxation and recreation. This is the perfect game for any occasion: birthday, alone and in a group – we will experience a unique adventure!

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